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Office Work Flow During COVID-19 Pandemic

Keeping our patients and office staff safe is our #1 priority during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have redesigned our office and patient flow to adhere to OSHA and CDC guidelines.  Please study the diagram and then read below so you will know what to expect prior to and during your appointment.

  • ●  Patients will receive a phone or text pre-screening the evening prior to their scheduled appointment. Criteria for proceeding to the next day’s appointment include: no fever within three days (fever is temperature greater than 99.2), no foreign travel within two weeks, and no known COVID-19 exposures within the last two weeks. If a patient fails to meet any of the above criteria, they will be converted to telemedicine.

  • ●  Patients must arrive wearing a face mask, (also called a surgical mask, procedure mask, or other similar terms).

  • ●  There will be no waiting allowed outside the office in the hallway or near the elevators. Patients or their companions can wait outside on the patio in front of the building if they arrive more than five minutes early.

  • ●  Upon entering the waiting room, patients must immediately report to the window to have their temperature taken. If their temperature is 99.2 or greater, they will be asked to leave and the appointment will be converted to telemedicine.

  • ●  Once checked in, the patient will either sit in an assigned chair or go directly to an exam room. The waiting room will have hand sanitizer, tissues, and a no-touch waste basket. Once a patient leaves the waiting room, there is no re-entry. Patient flow will be one way only.

  • ●  Blood draws will be performed in the exam rooms.

  • ●  No stopping at the checkout counter. Scheduling follow ups will be done by text or phone.

  • ●  Patients will leave via the back door at the end of their visit. Patient flow will be one way only. 


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