Dr. Schroeder practices according to the time honored concept of a strong physician-patient relationship based on mutual respect and trust, built over time.


Concierge Care

Comprehensive Private Healthcare

Profilex900Concierge care offers value to patients who want traditional medical care and beyond.  The most important characteristics of a good doctor are time and access, advocacy for patients, training, reputation, and board certification.   

At its most basic concierge medicine allows Dr. Schroeder to care for you the way he was taught in medical school.  He will be available to review test results, answer questions, and spend time on what is important.  Unfortunately corporate interference has come between patients and their doctors in too many instances.  Doctors are forced to provide the ethical minimum of service, and mediocrity is the norm. 

Joining Comprehensive Private Healthcare includes:

  • ○  Comprehensive Health Assessment

  • ○  Early cancer detection with Galleri test

  • ○  Expanded Preventative Care

  • ○  Genomic Medicine

  • ○  Advanced Care Coordination

  • ○  Secure Medical Records

  • ○  Disaster Response 

Concierge care reestablishes a strong doctor patient relationship by forging a direct relationship. 

Invest in your most important asset, your health.  


Phone:  310-734-4594
Address:  9401 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 515, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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