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Genomic Medicine

Disease Risk, Prevention, Detection, & Treatment

Welcome to the future of medicine.  

Genetic testing or sequencing DNA is the cornerstone of personalized medicine.  Doctors can detect illness, select better treatments, and predict susceptibility to diseases.  Predicting the future is empowering, but it also risks the potential harm of distress, anxiety, and inappropriate treatment.  Interpreting a personís DNA in the context of a very sophisticated crystal ball requires deep medical knowledge and an understanding of the humanism and psychological aspects of relaying results.

Dr. Schroeder is an active investigator in ongoing genomic medicine trials and works in the development of upcoming studies. He combines a scientific approach with the compassion of a caring, seasoned physician.

Knowing that one has a higher chance of developing a disease should trigger the development of personalized care-plans that could decrease the chance of disease.  For example, a person with an increased risk of colon cancer might undergo colonoscopy earlier in life.  Reliable predictive information allows patients and doctors to take better control of their future.  This is the best of circumstances.

The Wall Street Journal published the following data on the percent of tumors containing genetic information that could be targeted by drugs that are available today:  melanoma 73%, thyroid 56%, colorectal 51%, lung and pancreatic 41%, and breast 32%.

We all interpret results based on our own individual experiences.  This includes cultural background, education, family and social histories.  It is Dr. Schroederís goal to provide all of his patientís test results in an understandable way.  This is the platform for informed decisions and lifestyle modifications.  Dr. Schroeder will also create a surveillance plan targeting higher probability diseases on a patientís profile.

The entire process is broken into two parts.

  1. Initial meeting to discuss expectations, specific concerns, personal and family medical histories.  The genetic testing material will be collected at the end of this meeting.
  2. Interpretation of results in the context of a personís present lifestyle.  Creation of a comprehensive plan that includes both holistic and natural approaches as well as cutting edge technology for prevention and detection of disease. 

We invite you to contact Dr. Schroeder to set up an initial meeting.

Phone:  310-734-4594
Address:  9401 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 515, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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